Sign In Hotmail Account

Accessing personal e-mail using Hotmail account

  • To access the Hotmail account, you need to go to the official website of and enter your email address and password for the Hotmail account in the box provided to sign in to the account.
  • If you do not want to enter your username and password every time, you want to use the email service, you can select the option “keep me signed in” and click on the sign in button. This will help you to enter your email account directly by clicking the “sign in” box.




Though accessing the email account when you know your username and password is easy, people sometimes forget their Hotmail or outlook account password and are unable to access the mails.

Reasons for not able to sign in

You need to understand the reason why you are not able to access your mail account. One of the common mistakes made by the account users is entering the password incorrectly or they are unable to remember their account password.  The first thing you should do is to ensure that the Caps Lock option in your keyboard is disabled. You should also spell the email ID provided in the sign in box correctly to get access to the mails. If you try the above steps and even then you are denied access, then consider the following methods to retrieve the password and sign in Hotmail account.


Recovering password

If you do not have the right password for your Outlook or Microsoft account, you will not be able to get connections to Skype, Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc. Outlook also allows the users to filter the emails such as from regular contacts, social updates, from groups, etc. You can get more information on how to recover password by going to the login or sign in page and by clicking on the link “can’t access your account”. You will be asked to provide the reason for why you are not able to access the account. Click “Next” and provide your email ID and enter the given CAPTCHA code. You can select how you prefer to receive your password to recover your account, through mail or through mobile message. Microsoft will send the code for the option chosen by you. Use this code and repeat the sign in steps. You need to enter the code in the area provided.

Advantages of Hotmail sign in


If you have a Microsoft account, read the remaining details to find out what you can do with your account. You can use a single sign-in to access different services such as Outlook, Office, Windows OS, Skype, OneDrive, Xbox Live, MSN, Bing, Microsoft stores, etc. Using the Outlook account, you will be able to organize your inbox using the features provided. You will be able to file or delete hundreds of mails and unsubscribe the newsletters and daily deals using your Outlook account. You will be able to share files in real time with your friends, colleagues and family as needed.

Hotmail from Windows Live provide free email addresses to the internet users. This Hotmail account is accessible from any part of the world. Many people prefer the service offered by this free e-mail account due to the great features it provides. It has good anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phishing features and this e-mail ID can be used to access any other online service offered by Microsoft such as Skype, Xbox Live, etc. From February 2013, all the Microsoft accounts work using the new interface provided by and hence the Hotmail accounts are accessible through Hotmail or has remained the second best e-mail service provider available for Microsoft operating systems.  You need a Microsoft account to log in to your Outlook or Hotmail account. You can create a new account by visiting the sign up page of Once you create the account, test the account by signing in to your account using a new username and password by going to the Windows Live page.

It is expected that Microsoft will upgrade its service to provide a new look and improved performance.

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