Procedure To Sign Up Hotmail

If you want to use Hotmail, the email service from Microsoft then you needs to know the procedure to sign up to enjoy the Hotmail service. Hotmail has been rebranded as and hence you will be directed to the interface of, even if you try to sign up using the Hotmail website. The process involves filling the registration form with required personal data and choosing a username and password for your Hotmail account. You can complete the process of signing up by providing proof for you are a human and not a robot.  Hotmail has a simple interface and a solid security system, abundant choices for customizing your account. Here is the sign up guide for Hotmail.


You can go to the home page of Microsoft’s MSN ( can choose to register your account or you can go to or directly.

  1. Once your browser opens the outlook website you will be able to see the log in area. You can use this login area if you already have a Microsoft account. You need to click on “create one” button below the “sign in” button if you need to create an account.
  2. You will be presented with the sign up form for Outlook or Like any other email service provider, outlook will also ask for information such as  first and last name of the person creating the account, the username for the account, the password  for the account, the country from where you are going to use the account,  your birth date and gender. The first and last name will be displayed to the people sending mail to you and receiving your mails. The username you use will be your email address and login username.
  3. In the password field, you should specify the password you want to use for your account and in the re-enter password field you will have to repeat the password. The password you create should have 8 characters in minimum and should contain both letters and numbers. Your password will be case sensitive and hence you need to enter the uppercase and lowercase letters just the way you have given while registering the account when you want to use the account later.
  4. In the country/ region field, specify the country you are in.
  5. In the Birth date column, provide the month, day and year of your birth. Always give your real birth date as this will be useful in case you lose the control of your account and you want to recover the account.
  6. Select your gender from the drop down menu or you can choose not to enter your gender.
  7. In the country code field, select and enter the code or you can leave it blank. But this can affect the security of your Hotmail account.
  8. Enter your phone number in the field provided. Providing your phone number helps the service provider to keep your account safe.
  9. You can specify your email address other than the Hotmail address in the alternate email address field. This is necessary especially if you are not providing your phone number. This alternate email address will be useful in recovering your account if it gets hacked.
  10. To proceed further in the process of hotmail or outlook sign up, you need to enter the characters in the captcha code in the box provided. This will help the Microsoft to ensure that a real person creating the account. You can change the given captcha code image by clicking on the “new” button on the right side of the characters or can listen to the code by clicking on the “audio” button placed below the “new” button.2
  11. You can remove the tick in front of “send me promotional” if you want to avoid receiving promos from Microsoft.
  12. You can finish the procedure of creating a Hotmail account by clicking on the “create account” button at the bottom of the page.
  13. Your account will now get configured by the system and soon you will be able to start using your hotmail account.
  14. Once you sign up you can use the username and password for your account to sign in to your account.

You will be able to enjoy free storage space, share your files and send large attachment files using this top-notch e-mail service.

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