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Benefits of Gmail

  • Gmail offers a user friendly interface to compose and read messages.
  • You can create customized labels you want in Gmail and there are no restrictions on the number of labels you can create.
  • You can import contacts to Gmail from any email account you have.
  • There are mail filters to prevent mails from specific domains or senders.
  • Gmail offers a chat function through Google Talk, where you can chat with online contacts through text, audio or video.
  • Option to classify the mails you receive on its priority or importance.



Benefits of Hotmail

Find out how the new conversion of Hotmail into has provided a lot of benefits to its users.

  • All the emails that come to your inbox can now be grouped by its type so that you can access related emails quickly.
  • Hotmail offers you very less or no ads popping on your screen. It will not read the emails that you receive or send and target your inbox with ads pertaining to your mails.
  • An exchange ActiveSync feature that will allow you to sync mails, calendar, contacts and it is compatible with mobile devices like Android, iOS and Windows phones.
  • Hotmail offers direct Microsoft Office support and hence you can sedan, edit, download and upload documents on the cloud.
  • Hotmail allows you the option to chat with your Facebook friend’s right from ties inbox.
  • Hotmail syncs all the major social media accounts that you hold like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  You can send birthday email notifications and share other social events from your inbox.
  • The emails can also be sorted out by its file size and therefore finding the larger document files will not be a tough job.

Windows Live Hotmail is an ideal option for you if you are very much involved in social media. It offers a very good connection between your social media accounts and your emails.

There are plenty of free web based email services that you would come across on the internet. Here, we will take into consideration the features offered by Hotmail and Gmail. One of the things to be noted here is that Hotmail and Gmail are owned by two different companies. Hotmail is owned by none other than software giant Microsoft whereas Gmail is owned by the internet master Google. The first thing that one should understand is that Hotmail is the old email service and was established in the year 1996. It was soon bought by Microsoft and since then there has been plenty of changes and identities that Hotmail has seen. Now, Hotmail has been replaced by But, still you can create and use the Hotmail email account on the



With more or less similar features on offer from Hotmail and Gmail, it is up to you to decide on which service you want to use as your primary email account.

About Gmail


Gmail is a web based email service from the house of Google and it came into existence in 2004. It is one of the leading email service providers on the web and has over 400 million users. You are offered a total of 15GB inbox space and it is not unlimited like what you find in Hotmail. Gmail is linked with Google Drive and therefore you can enjoy 10GB of free storage space in its cloud.  Gmail offers you the option of searching the emails very quickly. Just by entering a word in the search box, it will search the words and show every email with that word in it. You cannot create your own folders using Gmail and this is a drawback.

About Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail or is the web based email service now offered by Microsoft. It has over 4000 million users all over the world. You can find and organize the mails in your inbox very quickly. It offers you unlimited space for emails and you can send up to 10GB of file attachment per email. The best part about the all new Hotmail is that you can attach social media accounts to this service and thereby you can send and receive social media messages from your inbox itself. There is no need to visit the social media sites to see the messages anymore. Hotmail also offers you the option to create email aliases.


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