Hotmail Sign up

Hotmail is a web service which we use for having an E-mailing account. However, with the pace of time has grown up from being merely an E-Mail ID to a large platform of Social networking tool. Now you can chat with your friends from your E-Mail account.

sign up hotmail

The process of opening an account or sign up Hotmail is very simple.

  • Type in the address bar of your internet browser.
  • Right under the Email address and Password Button. You will find a line written [Don't have a Microsoft account? Sign up now]
  • Place your mouse over the Sign up word and click it.
  • When you will click the Sign up button, registration form will be loaded.
  • Enter your particulars in the boxes. Information required is your first name, second name and last name. Choose your Email ID and check whether it is available.
  • Give password. Please keep in mind that password should be strong. For making a password strong you should use Capital letters, small letters, numeric keys and symbols. For example N3y0rK! The reason for having strong password is that strong passwords are hard to hack.
  • Now that you have filled whole the form now click Sign Up button.
  • You will receive confirmation message on the screen now.

Please be very delicate in making a choice for having an Email address since it’s your virtual identity, make sure that you have a decent email address which is memorable and also leaves a good impression over the other people with whom you are sharing your email address. Good email address leaves a good impression with potential employers as well.

However, the final decision to have an email ID name rests with you so it is advisable that you put a considerable time to think what it should be, you can choose a very catchy name or you can also make a business email for example

You can also link Skype with your Hotmail account and can chat with your Skype family members and friends just by onlining at Hotmail ID. Hence there are numerous benefits for opening a Hotmail ID. You may also consider having Hotmail ID for connecting it with other accounts, you may also keep your data saved by saving it on Sky Drive. Sky Drive is like a hard disk of your PC. But there is more to Sky Drive than your hard disk. By keeping your official files, picture you can access them from any part of the world.

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