Hotmail Login

Hotmail is a website which is used for communication purpose via E-mailing. The features available in Hotmail are more than E-mailing though. You can keep your contacts save and can also connect your Hotmail ID with Skype, Gmail and other services you may want to link with your Hotmail account. The purpose of linking these accounts with Hotmail is to enable you for having a quick sign in hotmail  without opening individual websites.

hotmail login

The easy steps mentioned below will help you to Hotmail login.

1. Open your internet browser.
2. After opening internet browser for example, Mozilla Firefox, click on address box. Address bar is placed at the top of browser.
3. After you clicked on the address bar type Sign up and press enter.
4. Click the Sign-In button available at the right hand side of the website.
5. Now in the above box you have to enter your email address.
6. In the below box you have to put your password.
7. Since password is case sensitive, sometimes users forget to turn off the Caps Lock key. If your password is in small letters then you must first turn off caps lock key. Vice versa if your password contains capital letters.

However, you can also use your Hotmail ID to login at Skype and outlook too. As far as Email choice is concerned it all depends upon you. You can choose a very catchy name or you can also make a business email for example:

For best results always keep your account up-to-date. You can also set your filters and can make new folders. For example, if you want to have your CVs in different folder outside of Inbox then you can make a new folder wherein you can drag your E-Mail and place it in your CV folder. You can make new folder by simply clicking ‘New Folder’ link available at the left hand side of your Hotmail sign in page.

Also make it routine to keep your password changing after some interval. Because keeping one password for the longer period will be easier for the hackers to hack in. And also make sure that you don’t keep one password for the all websites.

Make sure you have given right email address and password. Sometimes in haste we input wrong email address due to human error and in haste. Once you are sure that you have given right email address and password hit ‘Sign in’ button.

Congratulations! You have create hotmail account and signed in successfully.

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