Hotmail Inbox Login

Hotmail inbox login methods

There are many ways to login to the inbox of your Hotmail account. You can use the MSN website, Livemail domain, Hotmail domain or to login to your inbox. The sign in process for all these methods are the same.

  • Visit any of the above domains and look for the “sign in” link. This link will be usually present on the upper right hand section of the webpage. The position may change in different domains.
  • You can use your Hotmail account details such as the username and password to log in to the e-mail.
  • Once you enter the log in details in the respective areas in the webpage, you will be directed to the inbox of the domain you are using.
  • Once you perform inbox login, you can use the account just like you use your Hotmail account.


Many people doubt that the log in process of Hotmail has changed once they get redirected to the instead of reaching to access their e-mails. Though there are changes in the page layout and the interface used Outlook mail service needs the same login details as that you have been using for Hotmail. All the Hotmail accounts have become part of the domain and hence you will be directed to if try to access a Hotmail account.

Adding extra security

You can opt for the two- step verification for login provided by Microsoft. This process requires the user to provide a registered phone number and an extra email address. When you use this two-step verification, you will need to use the security code sent by Microsoft to their phone or to the alternate email address for log-in purpose. You can secure the access to your email by using the single code and avoiding the use of a password to access the mail. There are chances that your passwords are hacked by internet frauds. You can use the code to access your inbox using by following the steps given here.


  • Opt for the option to use a single code for logging into your e-mail account.
  • You need to add the phone number to your account settings to which the verification code has to be sent.
  • You can go to the security settings of your mail account to add the phone number.
  • If you already have phone number registered in your account, you can use the single code directly.
  • Once you activate the single code option, your account will be secure.
  • You will receive a unique code every time you try to access the email account.
  • When you enter this unique code in the sign in page your sign in process is completed. You need not have to remember or enter the password for the account.

Organize inbox


You can organize your Hotmail inbox by using the automatic sorting and filtering features or by using different tools such as Move To, Sweep and Archive. The different tools are available on the command bar in Outlook domain.  You can easily delete all the unwanted emails in your inbox using Sweep option. This will help you to delete mails from a particular sender or to keep only the mails not older than one week. If you want to store some of the messages that you receive in your inbox, you can store them in the default archive folder or any other folder according to your convenience.  When you want to move some of the e-mails to specific folder, you can use the move to option in your inbox.  The other sorting and filtering options for the mail include

  • Marking the read and unread messages in the inbox.
  • Pinning particular e-mails to the top of the mail list.
  • Using ignore option to delete messages.

You will be able to sort messages by the date, from, to, subject attachments, etc.  If you are using classic to access your inbox, you may not find the sort by option in the webpage. You find the option “arrange by” on the top right corner of the message list.  If you find any problem in Hotmail inbox login you can contact the customer service of Microsoft to find the solution.

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