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Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager website powered by Microsoft. It is available for the common users of Microsoft office suite. Nowadays, current version that is being used is Microsoft Office outlook 2013 for Microsoft Windows and for Mac the current version which is being used is Microsoft Outlook 2011.

hotmailcom vs outlook

However, Microsoft Outlook is often used as Email Application; it also has a calendar to manage the daily activities, to do and setting alarms. It also has features like Contact Manager, Note Taking and it also has a journal including web browsing facility.

Microsoft Outlook is used as a standalone application or it can also work with MS Exchange server and Microsoft SharePoint server simultaneously.

If you’re one of the over 300 million people who use Hotmail as their sole email account then you’ve probably noticed massive changes happening in Hotmail account. Microsoft has recently updated its most popular webmail to a brand new interface by adding While there’s nothing rudimental different about the manner you will use i.e. to send and receive emails. Still, the transition has been difficult and a reason of panic for many of the users who were only using and were not familiar with

The incorporation of has brought a number of changes in The modern user interface can prove difficult to gather exactly what to click and not to click. Formerly known as Contacts have now been moved to ‘People’. To add injury to the wounds, some old features may at front appear to be missing- like they never existed.

outlook vs hotmail 2014

If you’re coping with these new changes in sign up account, do one thing- don’t panic at all. In numerous ways vs Outlook 2014 is way more powerful than the old, but it will take longer period to adjust itself.

With the pace of time you will see that you are now more at ease with using Hotmail which has now been incorporated with It will even get better in coming day.

The addition of sky drive and availability of more space to keep your favorite picture, documents saved in your hotmail sign in account is very important facility that hotmail is now giving. Probably it is the competitor’s pressure on hotmail which has forced to add such features which its rival is already given to its valuable customers.

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