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Today, Hotmail users are getting used to a new way of logging into their age old Hotmail account. Many Hotmail users are continuing from the start of the new millennium as this is one of the oldest and still popular email services around. Launched at a time when web based email services were a novelty, today Hotmail is still popular with the several changes that Microsoft has brought about in it.

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For those who are signing into their Hotmail account, they will find a few surprises waiting in store. When they wish to log into their email account, they will be redirected to the outlook domain. This is the new domain where Microsoft has moved all the existing accounts of Hotmail. The Hotmail email service has been integrated with Outlook. While the downside is that Hotmail has lost its separate identity, the good news is that, the existing Hotmail users can still use their accounts and avail of the new and powerful features that have been introduced as part of the Outlook service.

  • The first point to notice is the fast speed of the email service. With the new web domain, users will be able to log into their account faster and access their emails on the go with the integrated mobile applications.
  • One can get a new Outlook email address as well along with keeping the existing Hotmail address with all mails coming into the inbox.
  • With Outlook domain, Microsoft has launched integrated mobile apps for Windows, Android And Apple devices. As a result, Hotmail users can access their emails on the go through different mobile devices.
  • The login process remains the same, but has been made more secure through the enhanced verification process. You need to register your phone number and another email address. A security pin code is sent to the alternate email address or your registered phone in case one has problems login hotmail. This process allows one to change their password click here and login in securely.
  • The Hotmail accounts are automatically upgraded with the features that have been introduced for the Outlook domain. As a result, one can get a fifteen GB of online storage at One Drive as well as other enhanced features for the use of the existing email users.

With all these services Hotmail has become better and more popular for the users. Those who do not wish to migrate to Outlook can continue with their existing Hotmail account. They simply need to type in their full email address at the time of signing in through the Outlook domain. Also, there is the option of signing in by receiving a security pin in your mobile. That way you will login in securely and easily. One can also save their password on the computer if they are the sole user of the computer. In these ways, the Hotmail login process has been enhanced and has become a more powerful email service for the existing users.

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